Chaz Underriner

Landscape: Graz

for video, field recording and koto. Landscape: Graz is the first “travel piece” in the series of Landscapes. Each piece in the Landscape series is a different study of juxtaposing images, field recordings and live performers to create a hybrid sense of place. Until now, all of the pieces in the Landscape series have been based around the artist’s home (Texas, USA). This piece seeks to create an abstracted representation of Graz, and a portrait of the koto player Miyama McQueen-Tokita through the lens of the artist.

Featuring Miyama McQueen-Tokita on bass koto. Presented as a part of the “Composition Beyond Music” workshop, impuls academy 2015, Graz, Austria.

Here is a video document of the Composition Beyond Music workshop: