Chaz Underriner

February & March, 2012

These months are full of very exciting projects for me. I have numerous performances coming up as well as several major compositional projects coming to fruition:

I was fortunate to be included in Dogstar Orchestra‘s winter concert on February 5th at the wulf as a guitarist in a 16-piece ensemble piece composed by legendary visiting guitarist Taku Sugimoto and my teacher Michael Pisaro. The piece,¬† D minor/Bb major, was a kind of acoustic culmination of the album they did together on erstwhile records “2 seconds / b minor / wave”. It was a great pleasure to be involved with the piece and to watch the solo set they did later in the evening. Simply exquisite solo guitar playing on both of their parts.

Next up I am playing Takemitsu’s “Sacrifice” for alto flute, guitar and percussion at Dan Ogrodnik‘s Mid-Residency Percussion Recital on March 1st, 2012 with Dan and Elaine Cho.

On March 2nd I will be playing Mike Winter‘s electric guitar quartet, “lower limit” at the Moose Lodge in Glendale as a part of Odeya Nini‘s 2 night series of concerts. I am thrilled to be working with Mike for the first time and look forward to playing lower limit at the wulf sometime in the near future as well.

On March 10th I will be taking part in Mari Garrett‘s Omoi for Japan, “One for All” tribute concert at the wulf dedicated to all the victims and sufferers of 3.11 earthquake/tsunami in Japan. There are numerous amazing musicians¬† participating in the concert; it will definitely be one for the books!

On March 15-17 there will be 3 performances of choreographer Anne C Moore‘s MFA Thesis piece in the LUND Dance Theater at CalArts. Paul Matthis and I collaborated on the 45 minute electronic score for this gritty, large-scale dance piece.

Lastly, on March 19th I will be performing Takemitsu’s “Toward the Sea” for alto flute and guitar with Elaine Cho at a concert of chamber music in the ROD Concert Hall, CalArts.

All that to say, I have a busy and extremely satisfying month ahead of me!