Chaz Underriner

Sound Art Self-Portraits camp

In July 2013 I taught a workshop/summer-camp at Oil and Cotton in Oak Cliff, Dallas. The mom blog at D magazine called it “the Coolest Summer Camp Ever” and it was a great experience teaching sound art to 10-18 year old students. This is the blurb for the class:

The five-day camp designed for students ages 10-18 provides an in-depth exploration of making art using the sounds around us and household tools.

Students will learn to use free or inexpensive tools to explore themselves and the world around them using the perspective of sound, and they’ll make a self-portrait by recording and combining the sounds of their daily lives.

Campers will also discover how to make music using text scores, graphic scores, free improvisation and how to make their own instruments by learning about the history of sound art and electronic music.

By the end of the camp, students will bring home a CD of their sonic self-portrait.

I’m very pleased about the student’s self-portraits from the class as well as our collaboration projects. You can listen to my self-portrait example and the class pieces below: