Chaz Underriner

Depth of Field

for orchestra
2 2 2 2 4 2 3 1 Timp, 2 Perc, Celeste, Harp Strings
duration ca. 9 minutes

Conceptual notes:
Depth of Field is inspired by the visual concept of depth of field—when one thing is in focus, other things become out of focus. I’m inspired by images with shallow depth of field where there is a subtle blend between the foreground and background. In this composition, I play with the various ways of transitioning material from the foreground into the middle ground and background—a diminuendo within the orchestra that ideally creates a sense of sound receding away from the listener. I was also inspired by Torū Takemitsu’s orchestral compositions, and the piece quotes several of them, especially a few measures from Riverrun at the beginning.