Chaz Underriner


As a composer, I prefer to work in series.  This enables me to examine an idea, a closed group of materials or a set of questions in different ways through making multiple pieces.

Works list: 200527 CFU-works-list

Nocturne Series (2012- )

nocturne series: 1 for 2 electric guitars and field recording 
nocturne series: 2 for guitar, video and field recording
nocturne series: 3 “dry Blanco riverbed” for chamber ensemble and field recording
nocturne series: 4 for 2 or more performers
nocturne series: 5 for string quartet and field recording
nocturne series: 6 for period chamber ensemble and field recording
nocturne series: 6b for period chamber ensemble, string orchestra and field recording
nocturne series: 7 for 2 percussionists and field recording
nocturne series: 8 for violin, saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano and field recording

Landscape Series (2014- )

Landscape Series: 1
Backroads for video and 8 channel audio
Landscape: Clarinet Trio
Landscape: Trombone Quartet
Landscape: Graz for video, field recording and koto
Landscape: Texas Plains for violin, electric guitar and double bass
Landscape: Home for 2 video projections, 6-channel audio, and guitar
Shōrin-zu (Pine Trees) for clarinet, tape and video

Moving Series (2019- )

Moving (1) for ensemble, tape, and video
Moving (2) for violin, cello, piano, and video

In addition to these series, please browse the categories at the left to view scores and listen to recordings of my other various works.