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For 4 vocalists, piano, cello, percussion, and electronics. Composed during residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the NYU Music Technology studios in the summer of 2021. Recorded for and released on Edition Wandelweiser Records.

Reviewed in The Wire magazine, the Squid’s Ear online magazine.

Radio play on (Netherlands), the RTQE show on WORT (Madison), the Double Bummer show on XRAY.FM (Portland), dublab (LA) Night After Night and more.

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Miniature for string trio

Commissioned by the Amorsima Trio for their “20 New Miniatures in Reaction to Beethoven’s 250th Anniversary” program.

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Guardians of the Harmonitrees

I had a ton of fun collaborating with artist Sky Macklay to compose a work to perform with her Harmonitrees installation at the Hand Art Center during her residency at Stetson University. I created the score in photoshop for musicians to play with the different harmonitrees:

I also interviewed Sky about her work and the installation for the Hand Art Center’s archives:

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Moving (2)

For violin, cello, piano and video. Performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME). Recorded at GROUND Solyanka, Moscow, Russia December 2020. Written for Tenth International Young Composer’s Academy, Tchaikovsky City.

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Landscape: Ghost (Home)

Landscape: Ghost (Home) is a recomposition of Landscape: Home for the Ghost Ensemble. This is another step in the ongoing interest I have to create a mimetic version of Haruki Murakami’s “over there” or “other world” in sound and image. I wrote a paper concerning this, “Mimesis, Murakami, and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance,” that was presented at the 40 Years of Murakami conference at Newcastle University, UK and published in Leonardo Music Journal.

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Moving (1) for Wet Ink Ensemble

Moving (1) was commissioned by the Wet Ink Ensemble and was premiered on April 24, 2019 in the Second Stage Theatre at Stetson University. Moving (1) is the first in a series of works that are focused on the sensations … Continue reading »

nocturne series: 8 recorded by BBC3!

I’m happy to share the BBC3 recording of Kluster5 performing “nocturne series: 8” at the hcmf// 2018 (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival). 

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GreyWing Ensemble – nature forms I

I’m really pleased to share GreyWing Ensemble’s fantastic rendition of nocturne series: 4 on their latest release, nature forms II’m really happy with the recording that Lindsay Vickery put together—recording the piece in an interesting sonic environment outside of Perth, Australia is a context I never imagined while composing the piece, but that works wonderfully. The ensemble’s playing on this recording is also fantastic.  Continue reading →

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Shōrin-zu (Pine Trees)

For video, clarinet, and tape. Commissioned by clarinetist Germaine Sijstermans. 

nocturne series: 8

For violin, tenor sax, electric guitar, percussion, piano and field recording. Commissioned by Gaudeamus for ensemble Kluster 5. Premiered at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017.

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