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Landscape: Ghost (Home)

Landscape: Ghost (Home) is a recomposition of Landscape: Home for the Ghost Ensemble. This is another step in the ongoing interest I have to create a mimetic version of Haruki Murakami’s “over there” or “other world” in sound and image. I wrote a paper concerning this, “Mimesis, Murakami, and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance,” that was presented at the 40 Years of Murakami conference at Newcastle University, UK and published in Leonardo Music Journal.

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Scoring for Multimedia class Demo Reels

I’m proud of my first Scoring for Multimedia students finishing up a difficult semester in the spring of 2020. Here are their final projects, a demo reel showcasing their scoring projects for film and video games:

DIGA students Senior Exhibition

I’m proud of our Digital Arts seniors who pulled together their senior exhibition to be online in April 2020. One of my mentees, Trevor Hamlin, won an award for his senior project:

Yuki Shuffle

I had a lot of fun making a video jazz jam (featuring my dog, Yuki) after classes went online in spring 2020. I recorded using a webcam, a dynamic mic, and Logic Pro X and did all of the audio and video editing inside of Premiere Pro.

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Performance on L.O.O.M.

I enjoyed playing some pieces for guitar/electronics/video and talking about my work on the streaming series with James Talambas in May.

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Persona 5 video game score

An example of combining multiple music pieces into RPG gameplay for my Scoring for Multimedia class at Stetson university.

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Article in Leonardo Music Journal

I’m pleased to share that my article “Mimesis, Murakami and Multimedia Art: Parallel Worlds in Performance” has been published in volume 29 of Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press).

The artistic techniques of mimesis—the representation of reality in art—make it possible to “render the unreal familiar or the real strangely unfamiliar.” The author, a composer and intermedia artist, uses mimetic techniques in acoustic composition, video art and field recording to reimagine everyday experience, as in his multimedia piece Landscape: Home. The author analyzes passages from the novel Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami to understand Murakami’s use of “parallel worlds” and the “reality effect.” This literary analysis aims to highlight the potential of mimetic techniques for artistic practice in sound and image, particularly in the author’s Landscape series.

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LINKs journal article

I’m very pleased to have been asked by Hervé Zénouda to contribute some thoughts to a new transdisciplinary arts journal in France called LINKs. You can read my essay from issue 3 of the journal online or download the .pdf below.

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BBC Radio 3 feature

Nocturne series: 8 is included in the New Music Show on BBC3.

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Moving (1) for Wet Ink Ensemble

Moving (1) was commissioned by the Wet Ink Ensemble and was premiered on April 24, 2019 in the Second Stage Theatre at Stetson University. Moving (1) is the first in a series of works that are focused on the sensations … Continue reading »

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