Chaz Underriner


As a performer, Chaz plays music written after 1925 on multiple plucked string instruments including electric guitar, classical guitar, lute and theorbo. Chaz has collaborated with composers including Chaya Czernowin, Sofia Gubaidulina, Mark Applebaum, Michael Pisaro, Joseph Klein, Kirsten Broberg, Mike Winter, Mark Menzies, Josh Levine, Anastassis Philippakopoulous, Brent Farris, and Travis Weller, both as a soloist and in an ensemble setting. Chaz has performed at REDCAT in Los Angeles during the Sofia Gubaidulina festival, in a chamber performance the LA Times critic Mark Swed declared “[was played with] focused abandon,” in the New Zealand in LA concert series, and as a part of Deep Camp Festival and Ostrava New Music Days festival in Czech Republic. Chaz also performed at the Laboratorium 2011 Festival in Antwerp, Beligum, with Austin New Music Co-op, at the wulf in Los Angeles, at the Dallas Contemporary, with the UNT Baroque Orchestra, NOVA Ensemble and the Keith Karns Big Band.

Yuki Shuffle

I had a lot of fun making a video jazz jam (featuring my dog, Yuki) after classes went online in spring 2020. I recorded using a webcam, a dynamic mic, and Logic Pro X and did all of the audio and video editing inside of Premiere Pro.

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Performance on L.O.O.M.

I enjoyed playing some pieces for guitar/electronics/video and talking about my work on the streaming series with James Talambas in May.

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Jazz tunes on social media

Lonely Walk: Vacant Lot A chorus of ‘A Night in Tunisia’:

Ex Mus Ensemble – Album no. 1

An album of structured improvisations featuring Colton Lytle, Jolene Masone, and Chaz Underriner.  Continue reading →

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Michael Winter recording

At the Art Institute of Dallas’ Recording Studio, engineers Janel Trevino and Juan Espinosa (with direction from Douglas Holmes) helped me record Chorale and Finely Tuned Resonators for eight electric guitars by composer Michael Winter for his release on New World Records. Continue reading →

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Jazz at Grayson College

Performing jazz tunes with guitar student Tanner Duncan at Grayson College in 2016.

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EWR 1502

Chaz Underriner reinterprets Anastassis Philippakopoulos
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Performing “Landscape: Texas Plains”

In the studio at the UNT College of Music:

guitar (+1)

A concert of Michael Pisaro‘s music of guitar duets and solos featuring Ingrid Lee, Brendan Byrnes and Chaz Underriner. Performed at the Wild Beast concert hall at CalArts on October 27th, 2011, at the wulf in Los Angeles on December 9th, 2011 and in Austin, TX on December 28th, 2011 with Travis Weller as a part of Austin New Music Co-op’s Willow Street House Concert Series.

rapport abstrait [ 40′ ]
brendan byrnes and chaz underriner, electric guitars

E la fora [ 14′ ]
ingrid lee, melodica and chaz underriner, electric guitar

black, white, red, green, blue [ 50′ ]
chaz underriner, electric guitar

Here are some recordings from the October 27th concert:

Here are the program notes:

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