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Michael Winter recording

At the Art Institute of Dallas’ Recording Studio, engineers Janel Trevino and Juan Espinosa (with direction from Douglas Holmes) helped me record Chorale and Finely Tuned Resonators for eight electric guitars by composer Michael Winter for his release on New World Records. Continue reading →

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Lexical Tones Podcast

I’m excited to be included as a guest on the Lexical Tones podcast with Rob McClure. Continue reading →

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Score to the Train Scene from Spirited Away

A film scoring study for the train scene from Spirited Away. Continue reading →

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Gaudeamus Muziekweek

I’m very excited that Landscape Series: 1 is being considered for the 2017 Gaudeamus Award. As a part of my participation in Gaudeamus Muziekweek, they have written an interview with me and artist Peter Bo Rappmund has created an artist introduction video for me.

Additionally, Gaudeamus produced the following:

  • A preview video of the performance of Landscape Series: 1 in the Geertekerke. 
  • Musicologist Tim Rutherford-Johnson wrote an informative blog post on my work.
  • The judges of the Gaudeamus Award 2017, Mayke Nas, Christopher Trapani, and Joe Cutler, had this to say about my work at the award ceremony:
    “[Chaz Underriner is a] focused composer who shows extreme attention to detail within his drifting meditative structures. He is already accomplished in several disciplines and continues to expand his broad technical basis in support of broader conceptual concerns, not just searching for things but also allowing things to be found. His work incorporates an impressive range of media from acousmatic sound to microtonally inflected chamber music.” 
  • Music blog Nieuwe Noten wrote reviews of the performances of both Nocturne Series: 8 and Landscape Series: 1. The text is in Dutch, but a translation (by Nico Couck) is available at


Some photos from Gaudeamus Muziekweek of working with ensembles Kluster5 and Modelo62 and of the Geertekerk, the performance venue for Landscape Series: 1.

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Floating Gardens

Floating Gardens is a brief composition concerning boundaries, tuning and incongruity for chamber orchestra. Floating Gardens was written for new music collective wild UP as a part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 2016 National Composer’s Intensive. Continue reading →

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Julie Underriner – Contemporary Colorist

A video I shot/edited/mixed for my mother, painter Julie Underriner. Continue reading →

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Landscape Series: 1

Landscape Series: 1 is 72 minute concert work for multiple chamber ensembles, 3-screen video projection, and 8.1 surround sound audio. This piece is a finalist for the Gaudeamus Award 2017. Here is a preview video of the performance of LS1 at Gaudeamus Muziekweek. Continue reading →

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One of the Rough

A collaboration with filmmaker Richard Bailey from 2016, One of the Rough is “a poetic road movie. It is a wild ride and a thoughtful one: a driving dream of colors, philosophy, pain, and wonder.”

One of the Rough: Teaser from Tropic Pictures on Vimeo.

This film features excerpts from the Landscape Series. Music, sound mixing by Chaz Underriner.

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Audio demo reel

Studio recording and mixing:

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Smart Emergency Response System (SERS) demo

UNT Electrical Engineering project presented at the National Building Museum, Washington D.C. as a part of the Global City Teams Challenge Expo for USIgnite.

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