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nocturne series: 6b

for period chamber ensemble, string orchestra and field recording
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nocturne series: 6

for period chamber ensemble and field recording Continue reading →

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Sound Art Self-Portraits camp

In July 2013 I taught a workshop/summer-camp at Oil and Cotton in Oak Cliff, Dallas. The mom blog at D magazine called it “the Coolest Summer Camp Ever” and it was a great experience teaching sound art to 10-18 year old students. This is the blurb for the class:

The five-day camp designed for students ages 10-18 provides an in-depth exploration of making art using the sounds around us and household tools.

Students will learn to use free or inexpensive tools to explore themselves and the world around them using the perspective of sound, and they’ll make a self-portrait by recording and combining the sounds of their daily lives.

Campers will also discover how to make music using text scores, graphic scores, free improvisation and how to make their own instruments by learning about the history of sound art and electronic music.

By the end of the camp, students will bring home a CD of their sonic self-portrait.

I’m very pleased about the student’s self-portraits from the class as well as our collaboration projects. You can listen to my self-portrait example and the class pieces below:

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nocturne series: 5

for string quartet and field recording Continue reading →

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Derek Bailey – microtonal motivic development in “Stella by Starlight”

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soundwalk to the LA river

A headphone piece to be listened to while walking to the Los Angeles river from Atwater Village. Featured on the Dog Star Orchestra concert series, Volume 8 (August 29 to September 9, 2012) as a part of the “At the Water, In the Village” concert curated by Colin Wambsgans. Continue reading →

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nocturne series: 1

for two electric guitars and field recording. Dedicated to guitarist Nico Couck. Continue reading →

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February & March, 2012

These months are full of very exciting projects for me. I have numerous performances coming up as well as several major compositional projects coming to fruition:

I was fortunate to be included in Dogstar Orchestra‘s winter concert on February 5th at the wulf as a guitarist in a 16-piece ensemble piece composed by legendary visiting guitarist Taku Sugimoto and my teacher Michael Pisaro. Continue reading →

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guitar (+1) in Austin

Great news! I have just booked another performance of guitar (+1) in Austin on Thursday, December 28th. The performance will be a house show at Travis Weller’s house and will feature an extended (30 minute) version of the E la fora duet as well as the electric guitar solo, black, white, red, green, blue. Travis has been very gracious in opening up his home and I am sure it will be a wonderful and intimate concert.

I am very excited to play some of Michael Pisaro’s compositions in my home state of Texas. I don’t know of many experimental music venues/ensembles in Texas other than and, so I am excited to be involved with ex mus in Texas! Please let me know if you know any other ex mus going on in Texas so I can get it on my radar.

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guitar (+1) essay

Here is an essay on the concert I am doing on October 27th of Michael Pisaro’s guitar solos and duets. I am still contemplating if I want to include this as program notes for the concert since it is a little verbose, but it was helpful for me to write in preparing for the concert.

Open publication - Free publishing - More guitar

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