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Jazz tunes on social media

Lonely Walk: Vacant Lot A chorus of ‘A Night in Tunisia’:

nocturne series: 8 recorded by BBC3!

I’m happy to share the BBC3 recording of Kluster5 performing “nocturne series: 8” at the hcmf// 2018 (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival). 

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nocturne series: 8 selected for “follow my score”

Nocturne series: 8 has been chosen for Score Follower’s follow my score competition, resulting in a featured score-follower video on the incipitcify channel! 


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Kirsten Broberg Recording

I had a great time this summer recording (and playing on) the song cycle Dream Paths by Kirsten Broberg. Continue reading →

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Instructions for a Home Invasion

Instructions for a Home Invasion is an installation for text, video projections, speakers, and found objects created by Teresa Carmody, Madison Creech, Chaz Underriner and Terri Witek in 2018. The installation is a meditation on the space of the Booker House in response to poetic instructions—we bring objects, sound, and images from our own various houses into this temporarily shared unoccupied space, itself a portion of a much larger university-owned house. Continue reading →

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GreyWing Ensemble – nature forms I

I’m really pleased to share GreyWing Ensemble’s fantastic rendition of nocturne series: 4 on their latest release, nature forms II’m really happy with the recording that Lindsay Vickery put together—recording the piece in an interesting sonic environment outside of Perth, Australia is a context I never imagined while composing the piece, but that works wonderfully. The ensemble’s playing on this recording is also fantastic.  Continue reading →

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Shōrin-zu (Pine Trees)

For video, clarinet, and tape. Commissioned by clarinetist Germaine Sijstermans. 

Ex Mus Ensemble – Album no. 1

An album of structured improvisations featuring Colton Lytle, Jolene Masone, and Chaz Underriner.  Continue reading →

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nocturne series: 8

For violin, tenor sax, electric guitar, percussion, piano and field recording. Commissioned by Gaudeamus for ensemble Kluster 5. Premiered at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017. Continue reading →

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Landscape: Home

Landscape: Home is a multimedia reflection on the notion of ‘home’ for electric guitar, 2 video projections, and 6-channel audio.  Continue reading →

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